Start an AoCMM Chapter

Why start an AoCMM chapter? See these 4 reasons below!

Read this before starting your chapter so you know all the rules and regulations involved.

1. Free Feedback

AoCMM is a research competition specifically designed for those starting out in the field of math modeling and research in general!

  • Most participants are new in the field.
  • Learn and develop skills from others and your team.
  • Easiest way to start your own research!

2. Resources

  • Access past competition papers
  • Budget to expand your chapter - contact us to discuss logistics
  • Tutorials from AoCMM for your members

3. Incorporate Ideas

  • Create subdomains exclusive to your chapter of AoCMM on our website
  • May use AoCMM's social media's outlets to benefit your chapter
  • Brings together motivated, new mathemetical modelers from around to world in a friendly, skill-building competition!

4. Spread the love of mathematical modeling!

  • Spread the importance of math modeling
  • Bring math and technology together!

Ready to host an AoCMM chapter? See the documents below.

Chapter Application

This is the most important document. Download the pdf file and fill it out, and send it to our AoCMM email for the next step in the process.

Become An Officer

Complete the pdf application, and send it to our AoCMM email and we will notify you of our decision.