Dr. Ariel Amir

Ariel Amir is an assistant professor of Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics at Harvard University. His research centers on the Theory of Complex Systems, which he applies to problems from physics, materials science, and biology.

Dr. Jeremiah Bartz

Jeremiah Bartz an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Francis Marion University. His primary research area lies in discrete geometry. In his leisure time, he enjoys jogging and traveling.

Dr. Aleksandar Donev

Aleks Donev is an assistant professor of mathematics at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University. His area of expertise is computational science and engineering, with an emphasis on fluid dynamics at small scales. In his free time he likes traveling, hiking, and dancing.

Dr. Hongjie Dong

Professor Dong was an L. E. Dickson Instructor at the University of Chicago in 2005-06. After that, he visited the Institute of Advance Study in Princeton in 2006-07 and also in the fall of 2008. He joined the faculty of Division of Applied Mathematics of Brown University as an Assistant Professor in 2007 and was promoted to an Associate Professor in 2012. His professional awards include an NSF early career award in 2011.

Dr. Brendan Fry

Brendan Fry was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Duke University. He will be moving to the University of Colorado at Boulder in the fall. His primary research interests are in applications of mathematics to biology and physiology, especially modeling the effects of small blood vessel network structure on oxygen transport. He also enjoys teaching mathematics, and in his free time, enjoys some light jogging and light sudoku.

Dr. Scott Duke Kominers

Scott Duke Kominers is a Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows, affiliated with the Harvard Department of Economics, Center for Research on Computation and Society, and Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, as well as Harvard Business School. His research uses economics, math, computer science, and law to inform the design of real-world markets.

Dr. Madhav Mani

Madhav Mani is an assistant professor of mathematics at Northwestern University. His personal website is: http://www.madhavmani.com/