Why Compete?

October 4, 2016 - October 18, 2016

The AoCMM modelling competition provides you the perfect opportunity to use your interest and skills in math modeling in a friendly competitive environment. Along with the development of skills in networking, communication, and teamwork, there are plenty of prestigious prizes to be won! Additionally, constructive feedback from our judges is designed to help you continue to extend your skills personally and for potential careers. Furthermore, this competition is great for people with any level of math modelling experience!

Eligibility & Entry Pricing

Participants must be 20 years old or younger.

5 USD to register and receive a detailed score report that clearly reflects the strengths and weaknesses of your research paper!

20 USD to receive detailed, professional feedback from our experienced judges in addition to the score report!


All teams participated will receive electronic certificates. Certificates can be printed based on request.*

Type Percentile Award
Grand Prize Top 1% $200
Alpha Prize Top 3% $50
Beta Prize** Top 8% None
Gamma Prize Top 15% None

*Mailing and handling fee is 8 USD per team.
**Gift Cards from selected sponsors will be awarded.

No Experience Required!

AoCMM is a research competition specifically designed for those starting out in the field of math modeling and research in general!

  • Most participants are new in the field.
  • Learn and develop skills from others and your team.
  • Easiest way to start your own research!

Bring out YOUR expertise!

  • Unlike many other competitions, AoCMM offers varying types of problems.
  • The different types of problems allows competitors to choose and show what THEY know best, without any pressure on having to write a report on unfamiliar material.
  • Flexibility in problems solved - not all have to be solved in order to be considered a finalist!

Diverse Participants

  • AoCMM hosts competitors from high schools and colleges, of all skill levels.
  • Competitors model from all over the world, from the United States and China, to India and Africa.
  • Brings together motivated, new mathemetical modelers from around to world in a friendly, skill-building competition!

Minimal Charges

  • Only $3 is required to participate in the online AoCMM competition, truly affordable to everyone.
  • We don't wish to exclude potential modelers on a financial basis, as our mission is to allow equal opportunities for all in exploring the field of mathematical modeling.

Our Finances

As a non-profit organization, we depend on generous donations from math modeling enthusiasts such as yourself. Please feel free to contact us for donations or sponsorships! Our financial reports will be published annually after the competition ends. Also, help expand the scholarship pool!