I'm Sriharsha Guduguntla

Here are some independent projects I've worked on in the past...


Calypso is a fintech reverse auction site that enables borrowers to create personalized loan proposals and publish their asks to a marketplace of lenders. Calypso allows financial institutions to make offers with the knowledge of the rates other institutions on our platform are offering users. Majority of repo is private.

Stock Simulator Game

I built the stock market simulator game that everyone always wanted. Users can compete with friends by simulating investing in over 4000+ stocks. It’s also free and open-source. See how your portfolio is performing and how your friends are performing as well. Real-time data - use live stock market data to run the game. Play with up to 100 friends.

Building Point Label Clustering

A Python 3.5+ wrapper for clustering BMS building point labels using KMeans, DBScan, and Agglomerative clustering. Used Bag of Words and Arka featurization techniques along with the Levenshtein distance metric to cluster similar labels to prepare it for data cleaning and converting to structured data.

Spotify Party

A Chrome extension that allows Spotify users to listen to music in real-time with their friends on the Spotify Web Player while having the ability to chat with their friends, forward, pause, and play music together in real-time.


A Chrome extension that injects discussion threads and review threads into any webpage on the internet for users to discuss the content on the webpage with other visitors on the site. In a way, it is a decentralized Reddit spread across the web and reduces the need to create separate threads on a centralized platform. Instead, users can talk to each other directly on the websites they visit.


A real-time 1v1 multiplayer version of the popular card game, Palace. Users can create game rooms, invite players, and play the card game using the help of various hotkeys.

Easy Loop

A Chrome extension that enhances the Schoolloop interface to allow easy grade calculation.The extension that adds the ability to calculate grades with realtime grade updates and a beautiful user interface. Up to 20,000+ daily active users.

ERDOS Fault Tolerance

ERDOS is a streaming dataflow system designed for self-driving car pipelines and robotics applications. I implemented a highly available, fault tolerance pipeline for the system that can handle failures of any sensor or component in the pipeline to automatically recover data and improve the vehicle's response time in the event of a potential accident.

BMS Data Cleaning Tool

We released an open dataset of metadata pulled from real building management systems (BMS), containing attributes for 103,064 points over 92 buildings. I also released an open-source tool for scraping and cleaning metadata from building management systems (BMS) for contribution to the dataset.


A web app to enable universities to upload their course lists and make finding a desired course, review, or professor as easy as possible for students. With our intuitive search, you can easily and quickly browse through all the courses at your school. By crowdsourcing reviews with verified studnets, we collect meaningful and positive reviews that can help you understand how a class operates.

Evexia - Posture Tracking

An Android app and web app that tracks a user's posture throughout the day with the help of a flex sensor via Bluetooth. The interface reports daily analytics on your posture, recognizes common patterns, and suggests ways to improve. A hardware vibratory device is used to physically remind you when your posture deterioriates.