Sriharsha Picture

Hi. I'm Sriharsha Guduguntla

University of California, Berkeley

Hi. I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of California, Berkeley studying Computer Science. I bear a fierce passion for learning and driving large-scale innovation through technology. I am an aspiring Computer Scientist with solid experience in Full Stack Open-Source Web Development, Systems, and Creative Design. I am well-versed in object oriented and functional programming analysis and design, QA automation, and REST API development. In my free time, I enjoy researching the latest cutting-edge technologies to design and develop open source applications that drive large-scale impact. I have recently developed an interest in Machine Learning, Data Science, and Blockchain. I look forward to applying my research to create more impactful applications for social good. Feel free to shoot me an email anytime at

Technical Skills

Hardware / ML

I am currently studying machine learning and data science to explore opportunities to build more powerful applications.

  • Scikit Learn, Tensorflow.js
  • Numpy, OpenCV
  • Linux

App Development

I have 5+ years of experience with Full Stack Web/Mobile Development. Check out my Github.

  • HTML5, CSS3, JS, Java, Python
  • MongoDB, Express, React/Redux, NodeJS (MERN)
  • GRPC, REST API Development, Apollo GraphQL
  • Electron, React Native/Redux
  • PostgresSQL, Neo4J, Firebase
  • AWS, Heroku
  • Bootstrap, Material
  • SeleniumHQ, Mocha/Chai
  • Chrome Developer Tools, Git / Github

Music & Design (UI/UX)

I have a strong passion for design and videography and I enjoy making covers and remixing music as well.

  • Sketch, Adobe Illustrator
  • Final Cut Pro, Garageband, Audacity
  • Bootstrap, Material, d3.js

Hobbies / Experience

UC Berkeley

I am currently a Sophomore at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science & Data Science. Click on tabs below.

  • Relevant Coursework

    • CS 61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
    • CS 61B: Data Structures
    • CS 70: Discrete Mathematics & Probability Theory
    • CS 61C: Great Ideas in Computer Architecture (Machine Structures)
    • CS 170: Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems
    • EE 16A: Designing Information Devices and Systems I
    • EE 16B: Designing Information Devices and Systems II
    • Data 8: The Foundations of Data Science
    • Data 100: Principles and Techniques of Data Science
    • Stat 88: Probability and Mathematical Statistics in Data Science
    • Econ 1: Introduction to Economics
    • IND ENG 185: Challenge Lab
    • IND ENG 192: Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

  • Berkeley Skydeck
  • Blockchain @ Berkeley
  • RISE Lab (BETS Research Group)

    Working under Prof. David Culler in the Building, Energy, Transportation Systems (BETS) Group. Enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability of commercial buildings by developing an Extensible Building Operating System (XBOS) for smart integration between building control systems

  • Decal Board

    Webmaster, Launching UC Berkeley DeCal Program’s premiere portal for students to find, create, and facilitate courses. Visit the website for more info.

  • UC Men's Octet

    Tenor 1/2 in UC Men's Octet


I have attended various hackathons, startup competitions, and capture the flag events.

  • Startup Collider Cup Fall 2019

    3rd place team at Berkeley's annual startup Collider Cup competition

  • 2019 NBA Hackathon

    One of 14 teams in the United States to qualify for the 2019 NBA Hackathon

  • Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

    One of top 5 teams at the BMOE bootcamp Summer 2019

  • TinoHacks

    Organized Cupertino High School's very first high school 29-hour, 300-person hackathon. Click here to learn more.

  • Palo Alto Networks CTF

    Attended my very first Capture the Flag event at Palo Alto Networks. Won 9th place out of 20 teams. Check out my medium blog for more info!

  • Synopsys Science Fair

    Participated in the Synopsys Science Fair for the past 2 years with focus on Ergonomics and Brain Computer Interfaces. Check out Evexia, a lightweight back-strap system built to monitor and improve your posture throughout the day. Check out my projects for more info.

  • Cupertino FBLA

    Led a group of 150+ students as a member of the Competitions Committee. Received 6th place in the E-Business category out of 108 teams across California

  • Awards

    Won 4th place out of more than 40 teams at MakeHacks 2015, a collegiate hackathon. Placed in the top 5 teams at Los Altos Hacks 2016. Check out my projects for more info.

Job Experience

  • Salesforce Software Engineer Intern 2020

    Working on Salesforce's Einstein team.

  • RISE Lab Research Assistant 2019-Present

    Working in the BETS Research Group under the guidance of Prof. David Culler, Moustafa AbdelBaky, and Gabriel Fierro. Enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability of commercial buildings by developing an Extensible Building Operating System (XBOS) for smart integration between building control systems

  • Berkeley Decal Board Web Intern 2018-Present

    Launching UC Berkeley DeCal Program’s premiere portal for students to find, create, and facilitate courses. Offering a variety of services like sorting and filtering through 100+ classes, submitting online course proposals, approving courses, real-time tracking student course registration, etc. Constructing web portal using MongoDB, Node.js, Express, GraphQL, React, Redux, Prisma, Docker, and AWS

  • Easy Loop Founder 2016-Present

    Pioneered an open-source Chrome Extension serving 15,000+ high school students across the country. Streamlined the grade calculation process, increasing student productivity and saving students 5 hours of otherwise lost time every week. App Link:

  • Edcast Inc. Software Engineering Intern 2017

    Boosted real-time team collaboration by integrating a brand-new live video calling feature using React & Redux. Maximized team productivity by generating detailed bug reports, assigning bugs, and resolving 30+ cases. Delivered thorough qualitative analysis reports by building cross-browser automated testing suites using Protractor, Mocha/Chai, Jenkins, ReactUtil & Selenium

  • Bungee Tech Sales Marketing Consultant 2018

    Delivered viable pricing models through comprehensive competitive marketing analysis of the web scraping and VPN industry. Presented thorough brand analysis and marketing recommendations

  • TinoHacks Tech/Ops Director 2016-18

    Spent 500+ hours planning and hosting Cupertino High School's largest student-led hackathon with more than 350 participants and 25 sponsors (April 15-16, 2017 and April 21-22, 2018). Designed and launched the official websites at,

  • Math Edge CS & Math Instructor 2017-18

    Taught Math of all levels up to Calculus BC. Taught High School Java and AP Computer Science curriculum and AP test prep


Music has played a significant role in my life, shaping me as a person both in and out of school.

  • Covers / Youtube Channel

    Love to make covers and fusion remixes of English, Telugu, and Hindi songs. Check out my youtube channel!

  • UC Men's Octet

    Tenor 1/2 in the UC Berkeley Men's Octet at

  • Indian Classical Singer

    Have been learning Indian Karnatik Music for over 6 years with many performances throughout the years.

  • Cello Player

    Have been playing the Cello for 6 years and have done more than 10 different stage performances including at the California All-State Music Education Conference (CASMEC).

  • Chamber Orchestra

    Played the Cello for 7 years. Performed at California All-State Music Education Conference (CASMEC).

  • Advanced Capella Choir

    Former Tenor in Cupertino High School's Advanced Capella Choir.

  • Karaoke / Casual Performances

    Performed at many karaoke programs and won 1st place at the Keeravani Indian Singing Competition.


I played chess competitively for 7+ years, and it is one of my favorite sports/board games and pasttimes.

  • Competitive Chess

    Have a USCF rating of 1660 and have participated in over 80 chess tournaments, placing top 5 regionally and nationally.

  • Early Years

    Began learning chess in 5th grade, but only started playing competitively in 6th grade.

  • Teaching Chess

    Taught chess to many beginners and intermediate players in-school and out of school

  • Kolty Chess Club

    Regular member of the Kolty Chess Club in San Jose.

  • UC Berkeley Chess Club

    Regular member of the Berkeley Chess Club at UC Berkeley.

  • Former Chess Club VP

    Held weekly meetings and led high school chess team to 3rd place in the district.

Current Events


Evexia Posture Monitoring
Evexia Posture Monitoring

Improving Body Posture through a Light, Flexible Back-Strap System with Real-Time Smartphone Microcontroller Monitoring

Built at Synopsis Science Fair 2016, Project 102-E80-D2 with Mokshith Voodarla

Visit the website here


The objective of this project is to create a device that is able to monitor and improve the posture of a person. Everyday, more than 65 million Americans and many other people around the world either stand or sit in detrimental positions which have led to a 30% decrease in lung capacity as well as cause gastrointestinal discomfort and body pains.


The materials we used include vibration motors, an Arduino Uno (micro-controller/computer), a flex sensor, an HC-06 bluetooth module, 4 precisely 3D printed models, and a smartphone (Android). These materials helped us build our final physical model that would go on to reduce stress and improve a person’s posture. The way we did this was by hooking up a bluetooth module and a flex sensor to the Arduino. We developed an algorithm that was able to map a resistance level sent by the flex sensor to the number of degrees a person is bending. This data was then sent to our Android app via Bluetooth where heavier analysis took place. The data was used to extrapolate the average bend of a person and then advise the user to make certain changes to their posture in order to improve. This data was then sent to an online database (Firebase) where further data analysis was done. Finally, we displayed the results on a website dashboard consisting of detailed graphs and charts.


After we finished building everything, we had a seamless, easy to use, and low cost device that could monitor and improve posture. The 3D models in unison with the vibration motors successfully improved posture over time. Also, the Arduino and Flex sensor were able to accurately monitor how much the person was bending and they sent this data to an online database in real-time. The person received push notifications and suggestions on their phone and watch as well as their desktop. With the help of personalized graphs and reports, and a doctor and user profile (to share information with their doctor), the user was able to use the app effectively.

All our goals were met however there are many ways to improve this product. A major improvement could be to create a small, detachable vest/frame in order to allow the user to monitor his/her posture without relying on a backpack. This major improvement could make the device modular and could appeal to a larger audience in order to create a more interconnected system.


This device monitors and rectifies lack of lung capacity, shortness of breath, vascular disease, degradation of brain functions, and more by seamlessly tracking and physically improving posture.

Easy Loop
Easy Loop

Easy Loop is a simple Schoolloop Chrome extension that adds the ability to calculate grades with realtime grade updates and a beautiful user interface. Before enabling this extension, please make sure that any similar schoolloop extensions are disabled since they may interfere with Easy Loop.
How to Disable Extensions Temporarily:

  1. On your browser, click menu or the three bars that look like a hamburger
  2. Select More tools > Extensions.
  3. To turn off an extension, uncheck the Enabled box. Check the box to turn it on.

Easy Loop Features:

  1. Add and delete assignments
  2. Add new weightage categories
  3. Calculate final and category grades within seconds, etc.
  4. Finals Grade Calculator
  5. Enable & Disable Easy Loop (New!)
  6. Calculate grades for classes without categories (New!)
  7. Sort grades by category, score, etc. (New!)
  8. Visual customization (New!)
  9. Enhance the visual appearance of their Schoolloop

Easy Loop will provide you the features that only your teachers are essentially permitted. Therefore, be your teacher today and calculate your grade within seconds!

Email me at for any questions, concerns, or comments. Leave suggestions or report any issues at:

Visit Easy Loop at

Download here:

Report any issues here

Check out my Github Page:

Privacy Policy: Please note that Easy Loop is 100% safe as it does not store any data and it ensures that all extracted info is deleted after the particular session. Login details, grades, etc. are not stored or accessible by Easy Loop thanks to the Google Chrome extension policies. This extension has no affiliation with the Schoolloop company.
TinoHacks Website
TinoHacks Website

TinoHacks is a two day long, 350 person hackathon hosted by Cupertino High School students where both new and experienced programmers can work together on projects, learn new skills, and have a splendid time. As the Technology Director and webmaster of the hackathon, I built the website, and I help coordinate any other technology related activities. Visit the website here.

AoCMM Website
AoCMM Website

Association of Computational Mathematical Modeling

AoCMM is a non-profit organization that, in short, strives to educate determined individuals on the importance and applicability of mathematical and computational modeling. To expand, however, our intentions first lie with the fact that the world is full of complicated and often devastating issues. Whether these include the volatile spread of disease or locating the whereabouts of criminals, mathematical and computational modeling has its place in soundly solving real problems. Next, by recognizing the potential of modeling situations, we desire to spread more information and knowledge about mathematical and computational analysis to the general public. If more people around the globe understood the importance of mathematics to our lives or knew how to apply mathematics using data analysis, then many of our world’s problems can be efficiently and effectively solved. Ultimately, we here at AoCMM strive for more knowledge to better the world and therefore, we have created a competition both equally challenging and rewarding for those who are interested to test and expand their research experience with math modeling. Visit the website here.

Tino Octagon Website
Tino Octagon Website

A website that was made for Cupertino High School's Octagon Club. Visit here.

Code Player
Code Player

A html, css, and js editor with a simple UI and easy UX! Visit here.

Java Scientific Calculator
Java Scientific Calculator

The Java program provides an interactive scientific calculator that requires a login. Very useful if you want to use a scientific calculator on the computer. For more info, click here.

Hackathon Projects

Sara AI Productivity App

PennApps XIV 2018

Sara AI Productivity App

Made at PennApps XIV 2018 with the help of Kiran Kunigiri.

Sara is inspired by science fiction AI assistants that help out their creators. After noticing how lazy many people (even including us!) could get from a simple Youtube video chain or social media post, we believed that a bot could start holding people accountable. When people try to "change" or set resolutions to improve by themselves, they often fail because they can't hold themselves accountable. But by creating a human-like bot that simulates human emotion and loves to be cynical of our abilities, people can become more motivated to simply try harder.
What it does

Sara is a culmination of multiple different features that work together for the best productivity training experience. It tracks everything you do and begins blocking or killing certain browser windows and apps if your unproductivity levels cross a certain threshold. It also records all of this data about your browsing habits to generate detailed daily reports and summaries of how you are performing. Moreover, Sara also has an integrated project management system. It uses an algorithm that automatically sorts all of the tasks you have to do each project, and creates an according to schedule to ensure that you spread your work across all of them to complete them on time, rather than pulling off an all-nighter the day before it's due! The AI also isn't just another Siri - rather than always waiting for your command, it also directly talks to you to scold you when you're going off track, or even congratulate you if you're doing particularly well.

How we built it

We wanted to build a cross-platform desktop app, so we used Electron so that it would be compatible with both Mac and Windows. We used the native scripting languages of each OS to track all browsing activity, and stored them in Firebase. Blocking and killing sites/apps was also done using the native scripting languages.

Challenges we ran into

Electron created limitations for us, such as the fact that Google had removed the Text to Speech API in Electron. This often invoked the need to create or look for other workarounds to do simple tasks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe our user experience for this project flows well and looks appealing to the user, as it is complete with animations and a responsive UI.

What we learned

We learned a lot about structuring complex web apps, as our app consisted of many different smaller components that all worked together. With so many different pieces of code doing completely different things, we had to always keep our code organized.

What's next for Sara

Sara has only touched the surface of what is possible for this kind of application. We believe it can revolutionize the way people work and create a new and simple way for people to improve their productivity levels. Other methods of training such as integrated work-break flow systems, an online productivity leaderboard competition, and more can be utilized to change the way people work!

Erudite Research Engine

Los Altos Hacks II 2017

Erudite Research Engine

Made at Los Altos Hacks II 2017 with the help of Jai Sankar and David Hong.

A common problem for young entrepreneurs who have an idea is that they simply do not have efficient ways to find resources. Many times they go on multiple tabs at once to search for different videos, articles, and events that could potentially help with their idea. Our idea, Erudite, is a simple search engine that allows anyone who has an idea to be able to access all the necessary materials in a short period of time. Our app first asks for the user to state their project title and different key words to go along with their project as well. The more specific the user's key words are, the more accurate the search engine results will be. The user also enters the category of their project. Finally, they are given access to wide range of YouTube videos, Khan Academy lessons, research papers, online articles, and public events that are related to their project. In order to access these resources, we used a multitude of apis. We used the YouTube api for the YouTube and Khan Academy videos, the CORE api for the research articles, and the MeetUp api for the local events. Our main struggle throughout this hackathon was finding a way to effectively organize all the resources that we accessed. This was important as it was the defining factor for our project. Another challenge was retrieving the most relevant data. At times, a few resources did not pertain to the idea given by the user. We combated this by constantly manipulating the api's until we received optimal search results.

Snapchat Dog Filter Clone

Berkeley Eta Kappa Nu BearHacks 2016

Snapchat Dog Filter Clone

Made at BearHacks 2016

Mini OpenCV Project cloning the Snapchat Dog Filter.

Finance Tracker

GunnHacks 2.0 2016

Finance Tracker

Often times, people are afraid of the stock market because it seems intimidating and like too much of a risk because they can't keep track of what they've invested in, let alone figure out what are good stocks to buy in the future. Our applications aim to solve this fear by not only helping people keep track of the stocks they've purchased, but also to provide guidance on which stocks are best to buy next, based on things like market cap, trends, and the affordability. Built at Gunn Hacks 2.0 2016 with the help of Laikh Tewari. Visit the Github here and visit the website here


SV Hacks 2016


In our community we lacked a lot of connection to each other, so we decided to develop Commutaire (A.K.A. Commute). Commutaire was based of the many requests that we got from high school students, teachers, and various mentors. We believed that in order to reach the community in a strong way, we not only needed to connect with them virtually, but also physically through transportation. Along with this issue, also arose education which is a high priority in our generation today which was also another key factor that led us to this endeavor. Commutaire is an application that allows to connect with the community in such a way that finding real-estate was much easier along with connecting to education that is heavily important for advancements in society. This allows us to quickly grab details about a certain place, get directions, details about a community, schools near by, and the opportunities to expand the community as a whole in a better shape. Built at SV Hacks 2016 with the help of Jai Sankar and Mitesh Malaviya. Visit the Github here and visit the website here


Los Altos Hacks 2016


As high–schoolers, we haven't had the opportunity to work with many companies or startups; however, with Mercari we are trying to connect people with ideas to those that can create the idea in exchange for equity in the company. Instead of working for no salary, anyone can bid on projects; if the seller – the person with the idea – agrees, they exchange contact information and can work together. Built at Los Altos Hacks 2016 with Jai Sankar, Varun Shenoy, and Anirudh Pai. Visit the Github here and visit the website here


MakeHacks Fall 2015


We made a simple Web and iOS app called QuikBux that allows people to hire others for small jobs to earn quick cash. Workers have an online profile that others can see and follow. Clients can leave reviews of the workers. Clients can also post new jobs for workers to find and contact them. Everyone can see other's public profiles and contact them for a job. We have also included an interactive map powered by Google Maps that updates the location of all users in realtime. It is a very significant app because many people struggle to find credible people that they can trust to do their jobs. For example, it would be nice to hire movers to help move furniture out of the house. You can simply go to our app, and post a job which will then be seen by other workers that are interested in earning some money. The app was built by Ayush Jain, Kiran KV, Rishan Girish, and I during MakeHacks Fall 2015 in 24 hours. The web development was done by Ayush and I while the iOS Development was done by Kiran and Rishan. The app won first prize for the Dailymotion Social Media Hack and 5th overall out of about 45-50 other teams. You can visit the website here. Check out Dailymotion's Blog on Quikbux here.


HackingEDU 2015

Durim Fitness App

We have built a simple Pebble and Web app that allows users to track their fitness data over time. Users with a Pebble watch will enter their data into their watch which will be displayed on our website as stats and graphs. We display our data in a variety of ways to ensure that the user has the best visual representation possible! Durim is mainly geared towards schools that are interested in modernizing their physical fitness classes. Students can easily track their data throughout the school year and share their data with their teacher straight through the website. It is a much more flexible way to track your data instead of trying to keep loose papers safe. Instead, everything you do will be stored on our secure cloud to ensure the perfect user experience! You can visit the website here. Built at HackingEDU 2015 with the help of Rishan Girish

Molar Mass Calculator

Teen Hackathon 2015

Molar Mass Calculator

The simple java program provides a GUI of the periodic table of elements. Use the periodic table provided, to build compounds. Press enter to calculate the molar mass. Download here. Built at Teen Hackathon with the help of Jai Sankar, Chinmay Gharpure, and Rishi Sawhney