Beginner JS Bootcamp

Who am I?

Hi...My name is Sriharsha Guduguntla, and I'm currently a Junior at Cupertino High School. With the increasing reliance on technology and smart devices, our generation is part of one of the greatest technological booms in history. Everything you do on the internet, the apps on your computer, your smartphones and tablets, video games, and more all root from recent developments in engineering and computer science. As the people of the future, it is important to familiarize ourselves with this increasing technology and continue to take innovation to the next level.

A little bit about me, I have been programming for over 2.5 years now, with experience in languages like Java, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, and Swift for iOS. I've spent the past few years learning to cultivate some of the skills necessary to become a part of this technology era and contribute to the community. For more information, please feel free to visit

What is Beginner JS Bootcamp?

I am planning to hold a Beginner JavaScript Bootcamp over this Spring Break for all children of ages 9+. This will be a great opportunity for elementary and middle school children to learn some basic programming concepts and build some of their own simple apps and games. The objective of the bootcamp isn't to teach students everything they need to know to start a career, but to encourage them to delve deeper into the field, and continue building their skills in the years to come. The camp will be held everyday from February 20-25, March 4, and March 11.

Expected Donation: $40, all proceeds go to charity

Note: The camp will be fairly fast-paced due to time constraints, but don't worry, because there will be plenty of time for students to understand the concepts and ask questions.



Most of the material on all the online courses are never up to date and if you ever run into any problems, the courses will have no instructions to fix it. Instead, you have to research for hours on google to find your answer. The Bootcamp, however, gives students the opportunity to get answers to their questions immediately and implement the latest techniques in their programs, while gaining team collaboration skills. Working with a live instructor is a rare opportunity that can speed up your learning process a lot and increase your productivity.
It is always best to meet in person as it is easier to help students fix bugs and learn hands on. The Bootcamp will be limited to in-person teaching only, however, feel free to shoot me an email if you have any concerns.
JavaScript is known for its simplicity and the ease of setting it up. It's a great scripting language to teach young children basic programming concepts, while building some cool games as well.
The Bootcamp is open to children of all ages and experience.
The camp requires no previous knowledge of programming. Students will learn everything they need to know throughout the course of the week.

Ready to learn? Please complete registration by Sunday, Feb 19, by 12:00 pm