Take Control Over Your Grades


Easy Loop is a simple Chrome extension that adds the ability to calculate grades with realtime grade updates and a beautiful user interface in Schoolloop.


Students can cut to the chase and calculate their grades before their teacher enters them. No calculator necessary!


Easy Loop can be found on the Chrome Web Store. Please click here to check out Easy Loop right now!

*Before enabling this extension, please make sure that any other schoolloop chrome extensions are disabled



Add and Delete assignments

Simple interface to add new assignments or delete previous assignments

Add new weightage categories

Ability to add new categories with specified weightages

Calculate Grades

Calculates final grade and respective category grades at the click of a button

Finals Grade Calculator

Calculate your final grade by specifying your desired grade on the final

Enhances User Interface

Improves the schoolloop interface by adding small details and making Schoolloop visually aesthetic

Grade Breakdown

Generate a complete breakdown of your grades in the class to assess your progress.

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