Keep track of you fitness health and
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Simply input your data into the Durim app on your Pebble watch and log in to this website to see your stats.

About Us

We are currently an organization called Durim. We have built a simple Pebble and Web app that allows users to track their fitness data over time. Users with a Pebble watch will enter their data into their watch which will be displayed on our website as stats and graphs. We display our data in a variety of ways to ensure that the user has the best visual representation possible!

Durim is mainly geared towards schools that are interested in modernizing their physical fitness classes. Students can easily track their data throughout the school year and share their data with their teacher straight through the website. It is a much more flexible way to track your data instead of trying to keep loose papers safe. Instead, everything you do will be stored on our secure cloud to ensure the perfect user experience!

This is Durim Tech and we are happy to announce our newest innovation. For more info., about the Pebble watch, visit And look out for updates and stay in touch!

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