You might know how to solve it...
But do you know how to MODEL it?

Association of Computational
and Mathematical Modeling


As a non-profit organization, AoCMM aims to spread among bright, youthful minds the power and versatility of mathematical modeling when applied to real-life research.


Want to test out your skills and win numerous awards? AoCMM presents an annual, online, international competition to all students below the age of 20.


For both experienced and novice members, AoCMM presents helpful advice, previous solution papers, and references to great sources.

What is Math Modeling?

The mathematical modeling field is more than just math. It is an open-ended research subject where no definite answers exist for any problem. Thinking creatively and out-of-the-box are fundamental to successfully solving issues. Mathematical modeling enables one to connect different fields of studies together including, but not limited to, statistics, algebra, calculus, matrices, programming, and scientific writing. This vast integration of subjects opens up new opportunities and discoveries.


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